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About Web Based Training

E-learning is all about the inclusion of learning and teaching methods that are electronically supported. It is mainly the computer and network-enabled exchange of knowledge and skills. The process further comprises Web-based training, virtual classroom opportunities, digital collaboration, and learning that is computer based. The delivery of content takes place via the Web, extranet/intranet, satellite TV, etc. So basically WBT is more of a synonym of electronic-learning.

It remains an ideal means of delivering training to pupils all over the world. There are a lot of sources through which you could get an access to such a kind of training but when it is time to select there are certain important points which could be kept in mind while considering a particular training aid. A well-organized course curriculum would offer a variety of presentation tools such as digital video, imagery and voice-over talent in order to infuse life into your material. A training aid that has streamlined technology network can help you share your content all across your network. A lot of such training providers as well make use of tutorials, slideshows, games and various other activities to assist you in illustrating your ideas.

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The benefits of this form of Web-based computer training are: 

Easy to deliver training that is also cost-effective for the users

Easy on adaptation, evaluation and modification

Being media-rich, it can help in building interest in pupils for longer duration than any other training mode

Web-flexibility allows keeping the content alive and new

Has its own paced training schedule to follow

Accessible from any corner of the world

3D virtual reality, interactive sessions, conferencing, all allow users to enjoy their training procedure

Apart from all of the above stated advantages, running such training programs on various platforms is also possible and hardly there is a requirement of technical support. The content gets automatically updated so it means that when you connect each time, you get the new and updated content. Therefore, definitely it is capable in making the process of learning for students and training for trainers, simple and easy.